Rs. 5,350

Life is a vicious circle that starts from a point and exactly ends there. Well, we are still alive and hence keeping the circle incomplete, the paths have been clearly defined by this shirt. Running from one end of the sleeves to the other end of the sleeves, the racing stripes in red and white has been patched as a panel with cut & sewn technique on a Navy Blue base. Again a true definition of fine craftsmanship. 100% Cotton Shirt.


Model is wearing Large Slim and is 6 feet tall.


Styling Tip: Pair it with White or denim blue denim and white sneakers.


Occasion: Social gatherings, Night clubs, College

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If you are a first time customer and ordering 3 or more products, we will compulsorily send you 1 shirt as a trial from your order to confirm the fit. Once youre happy, we will proceed with the rest of your order. After the fit is perfect, we would take 4-7 days to complete the order.

We also encourage our customers especially those struggling to find the perfect size to send their best-fit garment to us through a reliable courier. We then create the custom size pattern under the customer's name free of cost and provide the same fit to every purchase they make even in the future.

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