Rs. 18,000

Elegance meets understated glamour in this design, perfect for those who cherish simplicity with a touch of dazzle.

This jacket is a symphony of color, a visual delight that celebrates individuality and style. The fabric, adorned with an eclectic and vibrant print, is a testament to the joy of expression through clothing. Each hue and motif dances in harmony, creating a kaleidoscope of visual excitement.

But what truly sets this jacket apart is the artistry that lies beneath the surface. Tone-on-tone embroidery beads follow the captivating pattern of the print, creating an illusionary effect that’s both intriguing and enchanting. As you move, it’s as if the very fabric comes alive with a subtle play of light and shadow, adding an element of spice to your look This illusionary charm continues on the collar, where the same meticulous craftsmanship weaves its magic. Every detail is carefully considered, every bead strategically placed, to ensure that your style is not just a statement but a work of art.

We use the fabric Silk-Dupion blend with a natural sheen, sourced from one of the finest mills in the world. The collar is stiff as we use very high quality and best in the world interlinings that add to your confidence quotient. We leave margins on the sides for alterations. We do not use feeder machine for sides but put individual stitches for strength and durability that increases our construction time.


This design is exclusive to the brand ABKASA and all the little details have been added carefully by deciding and placing the design elements in position and executed by skilled craftsman creating the final design.

If you're not completely satisfied with your first product, do not worry. Write to us at info@abkasa.com and we will ensure a pain-free rectification process. After weve identified the issue, we will either alter your product or completely remake it free of cost. 

If you are a first time customer and ordering 3 or more products, we will compulsorily send you 1 shirt as a trial from your order to confirm the fit. Once youre happy, we will proceed with the rest of your order. After the fit is perfect, we would take 4-7 days to complete the order.

We also encourage our customers especially those struggling to find the perfect size to send their best-fit garment to us through a reliable courier. We then create the custom size pattern under the customer's name free of cost and provide the same fit to every purchase they make even in the future.

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