How not to ruin your luxury shirt

Here’s a shoutout to all those Gentlemen, who are true lovers of buying expensive assets to flaunt their charming persona at its best. Stopping your car outside an over expensive outlet is not always a better choice, but stepping inside a really great fashion outlet can make you buy some really interesting stuff to wear, it might be a bit expensive but if it comes with a piece of great fabric and a trendy look, invest in it without any doubt. Expensive things come with a quality, a fact we all are aware of. After buying an expensive outfit, a journey starts a journey of making or breaking a true friendship with that outfit, especially a Shirt as it’s an element you get noticed for. Your habits and behavior decide the life of the shirt and there is nobody out there who wants to kill an expensive shirt he purchased wholeheartedly. When it comes to Men, Only a few of them invest their time in taking care of their outfits, and this is what the reason why they have to evict their favorite shirt from their wardrobe.

Here we list down few of the tips and hacks which will change to the way you treat or care for your expensive shirt:

1) Never ignore those small instruction labels: Well, this is where all of us fails as a responsible buyer. Every shirt comes with a small instruction label which narrates how we can care for the shirt but we ignores it like a glass full of milk. These instruction labels are the best tutor, which tells the nature of the shirt and ways to treat that shirt gently. So next time you buy a shirt, you know what you have to pay attention to.

2) Hand wash is an art, you should learn to protect your shirt: Washing is an art, you need to know if you want to make your bond with your shirt even stronger. No matter how gentle your washing machine is, Hand wash always remains the best in terms of perfect cleaning and care of your shirt.

3) Abort every single Stain immediately, They can ruin your shirt: Shirts have to suffer a lot, most of us experienced this thing once in life, when you were having a great day, looking extremely charming in that graceful shirt and suddenly a drop or gravy ruined the day by splitting on your expensive shirt. Most of the guys wash that stain immediately whereas few of them ignores it, which results in a permanent colorful print on your shirt narrating the story of you and your favorite dish you were having that day. The best way to get rid of this problem is to wash the stain immediately.

4) Always wash in cold lukewarm Water: Here comes another misconception of people, that warm water does better cleaning. Warm water actually kills the color and sharpness of your expensive shirt and makes it looks like an old faded one. Hot water opens the fiber and causes pilling. Always go with cold or lukewarm water to sustain a healthy life of your favorite shirt.

5) Always Wash with like clothing: Most of us ruin our expensive shirts by washing them with heavy clothes like denim jeans or chinos. To save a few minutes of efforts, We throw all the clothes in the washing machine like a mess and make them wash all together, instead, you should always wash light color clothes with light ones and dark clothes with dark ones only.

6) Never hurt your shirt by ironing it forcefully: Ironing is the last step of showing some care for your expensive shirt, and this is where most people make a mistake. Modern age irons have an indicator to set the heat according to the fabric of the cloth. We underestimate that and start ironing our clothes and sometimes ruin the clothes with that. You should always be a bit careful while ironing because heat can melt those hard iron rods too, and here it’s a matter of smooth as feather shirts, Be a little bit gentle. Here is a guide which will help you to set your heat next time you are going to Iron those fascinating shirts of yours.

Linen: 230° C

Cotton: 200° C

Viscose/Rayon: 185° C

Wool: 145° C

Acrylic: 135° C

Polyester: 145° C

Silk: 145° C

Acetate: 140° C

Lycra: 130° C

Nylon: 130° C

These were few of your tips and hacks which will help to make your bond with your favorite expensive shirt a bit stronger. Now comes to the part, from where to buy an amazing shirt which has all the abilities to make people fall in love with the majestic look of yours. We at ABKASA took the responsibility to take your fashion games to the top of the limit to make you look suave. Our fresh new summer collection has all the amazing shirts which can tempt your surrounding to have a glance at you. The shirts are rich in quality as all our products are handcrafted making them a bit expensive but worth every single penny. 


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